Somebody Follow that Child!

There is a Montessori saying: “Somebody follow that child!”

This past weekend, I followed my daughter.

I love following that girl!

Bring on Summer!

Hissy!!!! by Avy

On Saturday, May 21st, 2011,  I was in my dance company’s production of Hissy the Honeybee.

I was in 8 different dances out of 22! It was so much fun and I had a lot of costume changes.

Here’s just a few.




And Baby Skunk!

I had so much fun and I will always dance for an audience of one!

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

An invitation to a Royal High Tea.

How could we resist?

There were wedding dresses displayed, both old and new.

Cucumber sandwiches, scones, chocolate covered strawberries, petites-four, and tea…

A royal time was had by all!

Ballerina at the Barre

Our ballerina got a barre put up in her room yesterday.

Greg and his dad found a 10 ft railing for $8 at a salvage company

and cut it down to 5 ft to fit in her room.

We had to move her desk out of her room,

but a ballerina has certain priorities.

We did put her desk to good use.

It’s now tucked into a corner of the house as our art table.

Good Friday

We awoke this morning to Lego crosses all over the house.

Put up after we had all gone to bed.

It’s Friday…but Sunday’s a Comin’!

Pizzeria Night

Pizzeria night at the Lockwood Household

It doesn’t get much better than homemade pizza.

When we were in Texas the kids had it 3 nights in row.  Uncle Jeff would ask them what they wanted and they would yell “PIZZA!” and Uncle Jeff would make more pizza dough, because that’s the kind of uncle he is.

We tip our hat to my sister and brother-in-law for the idea and providing the tablecloth and napkins many years ago when they got married and had a big back yard bar-b-que and some 20 tablecloths to give away when it was over.

Our wine bottle candle holders from the Lockwood Winery in California (no relation) given to us by my brother Paul,

on anniversaries and the births of Asher and Avy.  The wine glasses come from my other sister.

Our pizza stand, which is actually a tonga stool from Zimbabwe, comes from the African Lockwood clan.

I love being able to weave all these beautiful items that were so graciously given to us by family into our traditions.

It makes the night just that much more special.

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