Favorite Summer Memories

Love experiencing art this way…

Artprize 2011

1582 pieces of art – all over downtown

Multiple trips

So much fun to meet the artists, see them create,

and talk with them about their art.

Avy with the winner.

Happiness is…


It was hot and sunny and the wisteria was blooming…

There were mojitos for the mamas,

who kicked back on the patio and watched the kids play.

There was the Children’s Museum, swimming, Lego playing, freshly made bread every day (thanks Jeff!), two train rides, and hiking in the woods.

Asher and Avy adore being the “big” cousins.

Even if they’re worn out by the end of the day.

This kid, I just want to kiss his cheeks!

And I’m adding this to my list of places I might want to live.


Our Happiness Today

Having the ice skating rink all to ourselves!

And it only costs $1, including the skates!

(I love this city!)

We actually found out about these chess ice sculptures

from CNN Student News, which we watch every morning at breakfast.

And in all honesty, just so you don’t think we live in homeschool bliss all the time,

this picture is what got Asher to agree to the ice skating.

(Just keeping it real!)

Asher’s Dream Job

Ever since Asher was 3 years old, he has wanted to be a city bus driver.

When he turned 5, all he wanted for his birthday

was a laminated map of our city to hang on his wall.

He knows every street all 28 buses go down.

He knows times, (in fact he learned how to tell time by reading bus schedules),

where every stop is,  where what bus should be when.

He has read the 51 page 2030 Master Plan Report

(and found several errors, which he kindly pointed out in a letter he wrote to the Rapid).

Last week, he met with and interviewed the Rapid’s Senior Planner.

Nick graciously answered all of Asher’s questions and talked about his job.  How he plans routes.  How he decides what bus should go down what street.  Everything Asher has been wanting to know about for years.

(So I’m told.  I waited in the lobby where a good non-interfering mother should be)

And Asher?  He came out of the interview with a new career path.



The Wednesday Wars

Last year we read The Wednesday Wars by Newberry Honor writer, Gary Schmidt.  He is a local writer, and we were learning about The Vietnam War and also Shakespeare (just one of those bunny trails we often follow when one of the kids becomes interested in something).  This novel intertwines both subjects, so how could we not read it?!

A local college , the same one the author teaches at, was doing a stage production of The Wednesday Wars.

It was fabulous!

I think we might be revisiting Shakespeare this coming week…


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