Lego Robotics Competition by Asher

Well, our Lego Robotics competition was on Saturday.  Let me tell you how it went.

First, our coach checked us in.  Then we tried out the robot to make sure everything was going fine.

Then we gave our presentation to the judges. They liked it.

We also had to do a team building challenge to show how well we worked together.

Then we were off to the game board to do the missions in under 3 minutes. Carter, a friend from robotics, and I were the robot runners.

At the end of the day, they give out the medals and trophies.  Everyone gets a participation medal.

We got 3 trophies! One for Team Spirit, one for Robot Programing and one for 2nd place!! (Out of 18 teams)



Klackles Orchard

A cold, but sun filled day at the Orchard.

There were races,

a magical pumpkin ride to pick apples and pumpkins,

a walk in the corn maze, and

apple slingshots.

While the parents had a drink in the old west town,

someone locked his sister in jail.

A happy day, indeed.

Lego Robotics Presentation by Asher

Before we compete in competition, we have a presentation for family members.First, we did our skit,

and then we ran the robot.  Competition is on Saturday.  Wish us luck!!!!

New Additions to the Family by Asher

Since Tony passed away in August, we have gotten some new pets.

A new baby frog, Matey.

and a bata fish named Admiral Frances Bata.

A Cousins Visit Part II Grandpa’s House by Asher

The next day, we picked up the California cousins, then we went up to my grandpa’s house. While there, we took naps,

Swinging  on the swing,

Played soccer, (me & Uncle Jeff vs. Harper & Ezekiel). Harper & Ezekiel

won every time.

and last, we all painted a wall.

Summer of the Swimmers by Asher

This summer, like all summers in the past, one of our main things was swimming.

We swam on vacation.

We swam at Lynn’s pool.

We swam in a creek.

We swam in the big lake.

We snorkeled.

and Avy got turned into a sand mermaid.

We swam with friends.

But now, summer is over,

and that means swimming at the YMCA!!

A Cousins Visit Part I Meijer Gardens Concerts by Asher

Back in August, my cousin’s from Texas and California came to visit.

This is a four-part series on that visit

Just a quick reminder on who is who.

Harper is the oldest of the Texas cousins.

Then there’s Hudson.

And last, the newest cousin Holden.

We picked them up at the airport around noon, then it was off to the Meijer

Gardens to watch my dad and his band play.

While we were there, we ran into Ben and Jonathon.

and Avy and Hudson danced into the night.

To be continued….