Artprize 2010

This last weekend was spent downtown taking in many of the over 1700

fabulous pieces of art installed for Artprize.

Some of our favorite pieces included:

this portrait made with over 4000 Rubik’s Cubes,

a gigantic card

which both kids signed.

A house made out of recycled materials.  This guy is starting work on our house this week – nothing this fancy, mind you, but it’s giving me some new ideas on what he could do to our roof!

This was so neat!  Doesn’t look like much from most angles,

but if you get it just right…

There was art that you could interact with,


and lots of artists to meet who have come from all over the world!

We can’t wait to get down there again to see some more!

Downtown Field Trip

On Friday we went to see the Spirit of America show downtown.

It was the history of the U.S. told through the eyes of soldiers.

It was amazing!

Nana and Papa came with us, and after the show and some pizza

at our favorite downtown pizza joint,

we took in some art at the art museum.

We also walked around downtown checking out some of the more than 1700 pieces of art installed for Artprize!

Star Wars: In Concert

Way back in July, my dad and I went to see Star Wars in Concert.

A live symphony orchestra plus the largest traveling screen in the world equals Star Wars in Concert

and there was an exhibit too!!!



Darth Vader,



Han Solo in carbonite,

and the Death Star!


The other night we headed downtown to attend a rehearsal of our hometown, grammy nominated, symphony.

Before the rehearsal, we got a backstage tour.  This place seats 2500 people!

The symphony is celebrating 80 years!

Listening to music always encourages dancing.

Stopping at a park on the way home to watch the sunset.