Chihuly: A New Eden

A new exhibition just opened at the Gardens,


which just happens to be by our favorite world-renown sculptor, Dale Chilhuly.



It’s the biggest installation he’s ever done.



There are 15 sites, this one has 438 pieces.



They simply take your breath away!



Asher and Avy kept repeating, “This is so awesome!”



Some were inside in the tropical conservatory,



including this 16 foot monster hanging from the ceiling.



but most were outside in their 132 acre sculpture park.



We only saw about half of the sites.



We’re saving the other half for another day.


We did some sketching and listened to a lecture.


But what we really can’t wait for?

To hear Chihuly when he comes in September!

We already put it on the calender.

Earth Day

Earth Day was celebrated outside,

and inside, at our favorite museum,

which was having a homeschooling Earth Day workshop.

We stopped in to say hello to some old friends.

We also checked out the new Big Big Bugs exhibit.

And faced the possibility that perhaps we might not be ready to be entomologists.

But we don’t mind acting like bugs.


Grams would have been 100 today.  She died shortly after she turned 98.

It was decided that we should make her a cake with her

favorite yellow roses.

A new skill was learned.  Grams would be so proud!

A favorite person was celebrated,

and remembered, as they planted Forget-Me-Nots in their nature center,

and by her irises.

We miss you Grams.

We know you’re rockin’ out in heaven, dancing the Charleston,

and having another scoop of Butter Pecan.

We plan to do the same here too!

Walk for Water

Our church had a “Walk for Water” last weekend to raise money for our water initiative in Rawanda and experience what many people in the world are forced to do every day, by walking to get their water.

Over a billion people in the world do not have access to clean water.

We were at Nana and Papa’s farm over the weekend,

so we had our own Walk for Water.

To the pond to get our water and then carried it back to the house.

Discussions were had on what it would be like to do this on a daily basis.

And what we can do to help those who have to.

Leonardo’s Horse

We started our day by reading this wonderful book by Jean Fritz.

Fritz tells the story of how Leonardo da Vinci was hired by the duke of Milan

to build a horse, three times the size of a living horse.

He made it out of clay, but couldn’t figure out how to cast it in bronze.

He finally got his dream 500 years later.

And we are fortunate enough to have 1 of the 2 horses made, here in our hometown!

The other one is in Milan, Italy, which would also make for a fun field trip,

albeit, a bit more expensive!

Daffodils and Tea

Yesterday we went over to my aunt and uncle’s house,

meeting my mother, cousins and aunt for tea and daffodils.

My aunt has a field in front of her house where she has planted thousands of daffodils.

After picking bouquets to take home, we went inside for tea and goodies.

My aunt’s house makes us feel as if we have stepped back in time and afternoon tea seemed proper.

Avy and Cousin Maren had their own special table,

from which came lots of giggling and whispers.

A delightful way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Outdoor/Indoor Fun

There has been water play

And inside there has been

A very special evening of seeing The Celtic Women.

Thanks so much, Aunt Sallie & Uncle Jon!

And fun with friends at the ballet.


Start with an 80 degree sunshiny day.

Throw in some adventure seekers who have just spent the morning reading about wetlands…

give them a box of tools…

and have them go at it!


Who knew I would ever feel so blessed to live in the city,

but have so much nature at our fingertips!

Our Week So Far

At the beginning of the week, we were inside

making oobleck

and doing our Easter activities.

Later in the week, it was too nice to be inside,

outdoors all day long,

among other things, getting the tree house/spaceship/blimp/ ready.  So far this has involved ropes, bungee cords, drills, sleds, and other miscellaneous objects.

Bring on the sun!