Happiness is…

taking the bus downtown to our favorite local pizza joint,

then heading across the street to the art museum,

and taking in the new Calder jewelry exhibit.

A fine day.

Back to the Gardens

This time Daddy came along.

The butterflies were beautiful.

But we couldn’t stay inside for long,

because the sun and the warmth were calling to us.

There were more waterfalls to be investigated,

and mazes to run through.

There were hills to climb,

dances to be done,

water to be jumped,

sculptures to be admired,

and notes to be taken.

I think this must be where she gets it from.



I started with the question, “What do you guys want to investigate today?”

Avy answered with, “Waterfalls!”

Lucky for us that we live across the street from a creek that just happens to have a few waterfalls!

They may be tiny, but when you’ve already seen Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, you can use that to help relate and compare.

This one wasn’t so interested in waterfalls as he was in bubbles,

and checking to see how his “island maker” invention was doing,

and making sure the swinging vine still worked.

Our waterfall quest continued,

until we reached the big one.

A question was posed, “Does the amount of water you empty

from your boot relate to how much fun you’ve had?”

Perhaps it does.

In the Mix

Lately they’ve been exploring…

The butterflies at the Gardens

Building  and playing Legos in whatever sunshine can be found,

creating cozy new reading spots,

Coming up with their own science experiments,

getting out the watercolors,

Our tea time with poetry readings.

Asher’s current favorite haiku:

Haiku’s are easy,

But they sometimes don’t make sense,


Learning Something New by Avy

I’m a dancer. I take three dance classes each week.  Ballet, Ballet-Fromo Jazz, and Hip-Hop.

I have to bring a yoga mat because sometimes we stretch.   My mom and I decided to make me a carrier for my yoga mat.

In the process, she taught me how to sew!  We went to Hobby Lobby to pick out the material.

Here is me sewing! I had so much fun learning.

Now I carry my mat in style!

In The House

If you have some hip-hoppers in your house, and you’re studying American History…


then this might be the book for you.  It’s getting a lot of use in this house.