Two Presidents

Today we headed out to the Ford Presidential Museum.

First up was a play about Abraham Lincoln.  (Happy Birthday, Mr. President!)

It was a delightful play put on by these two chaps, who did a fabulous job!

After the play, they took questions from the audience and showed how the special effects were done.

The kids loved it and laughed their way through it.

After the play, we toured the museum.  We started with a new exhibit on the Cold War.

We then moved on to the rest of the exhibits, all about Gerald R. Ford and his presidency.  We had done some reading on Ford this past week and while we have toured this museum before, this was the first time that Asher was really drawn in.

Every time I turned around, he was totally engrossed… reading, listening, watching…absorbing.

I thought to myself, “Now this is school.”  He even asked to see the President’s grave, located outside by the river.  We had a security guard approach us and offer to give us a tour and talk about the crypt.  Gotta love those security guards!

Avy experienced the museum in her own way.

She danced her way though the museum.  (I think the President would be happy.)

All that dancing tires a girl out.

More of these days, please.


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