On the road

We decided to take a little trip.

Down to Pittsford, for a visit on the farm with Nana and Papa.

From there we took a day trip to Fort Wayne, IN.

We took in the Historical Center,

where speeches were made,

and the kids put themselves in jail.

We also went to the Botanical Gardens,

where we played,

learned some new things,

took some bench breaks,

collected treasures,


and soaked in all the warmth, and the smell of spring and things to come.

Engineering Days

Another day, another museum.

She is quite the note taker.  Doesn’t go anywhere without her notebook.

We love this museum!  There’s so much to explore.

Today we were here for Homeschool Engineering Day, but got there early to visit some favorite places.

Ok, this, not one of their favorite places.

They dared each other to go in the Mummy room for 10 seconds.

I had to move fast.

A time to be thoughtful.


A time to play.


Lunch overlooking the river.


Didn’t I just take this same picture at a different museum a few weeks ago?!

During their engineering workshop they built bridges, worked with robots, learned all about pavement vs. concrete,

and water treatment .

We finished our day with a planetarium show, “Sky Stories From Around the World”.

Came home.

Watched Olympics.

A happy day.

Two Presidents

Today we headed out to the Ford Presidential Museum.

First up was a play about Abraham Lincoln.  (Happy Birthday, Mr. President!)

It was a delightful play put on by these two chaps, who did a fabulous job!

After the play, they took questions from the audience and showed how the special effects were done.

The kids loved it and laughed their way through it.

After the play, we toured the museum.  We started with a new exhibit on the Cold War.

We then moved on to the rest of the exhibits, all about Gerald R. Ford and his presidency.  We had done some reading on Ford this past week and while we have toured this museum before, this was the first time that Asher was really drawn in.

Every time I turned around, he was totally engrossed… reading, listening, watching…absorbing.

I thought to myself, “Now this is school.”  He even asked to see the President’s grave, located outside by the river.  We had a security guard approach us and offer to give us a tour and talk about the crypt.  Gotta love those security guards!

Avy experienced the museum in her own way.

She danced her way though the museum.  (I think the President would be happy.)

All that dancing tires a girl out.

More of these days, please.

Our Week Feb 12, 2010

Some scenes from our week…

Marshmallow Molecules

Which leads to, “Just having a molecular snack, mom”.

A new favorite geography game, Travel Mania.

(I think their favorite part is stamping those passports!)

After reading a Lego Indiana Jones game guide, Asher decided some graphing needed to be done.

He’s also a few pages into writing a game guide for a new game he’s designing, but it’s all very hush-hush.

More chemistry, testing pucker power.

We’ve spent time preparing for the Olympics by doing lots of reading : Olympia: Warrior Athletes of Ancient Greece, The Modern Olympic Games, Hour of the Olympics, studying Canada, and watching 5 minute videos on the “Science of the Olympic Winter Games” from nbclearn.com.

We’ve also spent time preparing for 3 field trips, one tomorrow involving a few presidents, another on Monday involving an engineering workshop, and then a trip to another state planned for later next week!  (we love field trips in these parts!)

One might think that I pulled this picture from the summer archives, but one would be mistaken.  While I am in long underwear and two sweaters, this girl is dressed like this.

And speaking of long underwear and sweaters, I have decided to fully embrace winter this year.  I grew up being on the ski slopes on a daily basis, and ice skating and cross country skiing, but as an adult, I had come to dread winter.  I am a hot weather kind of gal.  But this winter, I resolved  to not just “get through”, but totally enjoy winter.

So we’ve been getting out the skis as much as possible, and ice skating, and sledding, and just playing in the snow.  I am also enjoying the other side of winter, sitting in front of the fire reading, coffee in hand, baking lots of bread,  putting on another pot of soup, and snuggling with my babes.

(and dreaming of summer just a little)

Snow Day

Because when we get 18 inches of snow, and the next door neighbors have a snow day, so do we.

A winter garden is “planted”.

Bird nests are made from remnants of a summer garden.

Investigating ice at the river


hot chocolate and

book reading and

lego playing and

just being with friends all day long.

The Gardens

A new exhibit at the Gardens always has us excited!  It’s one thing to study art and create art ourselves, but it’s also fun to be able to view new art and hear the artist talk about his/her work.

They are so passionate about what they do.

“Wouldn’t you just love to get paid to make something so pretty?” (overheard)

This flooring that Ms. Donor created has 1600 different metal pieces shaped after different parts of Michigan trees.


The Gardens are so magical at night.  See the moon peeking through?



We came home and made our own “soul catchers”, modeled after Ms. Doner’s work.  Avy decided a happy dream catcher seemed more in order.