Yesterday was, reading this book

and playing in the snow.


It was Avy reading this book, The Man Who Named the Clouds,

which led her to start a weather journal.


I love what she wrote on the first page.  Luke Howard was the “man who named the clouds.”


There was some art.


There were some races, during which the question was asked, “Does this count as P.E.?”


There was more reading of this book, and her own Spanish dictionary started.


There was some baking of bread and discussion of Jewish traditions.


There was also the making of snow cream, some report writing, and a biography on Kurt Vonnegut.  There was some dialogue about the book Lord of the Flies (we haven’t read it, but Asher had heard about it somewhere),  Legos were played and sledding done, piano lessons, and Tae Kwon Do for the boys.  Another very fine day.


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