I just came upon this writing that never got posted back in March.


The whole Gardin clan spent a long weekend in Virginia back in March with Uncle Paul and Aunt Kim.  They graciously opened their home to 7 kids under 10 and all those kid’s parents.  We had a wonderful time together.  Soon after, Paul left for Iraq.

*Quick November Update:  Paul returned home from Iraq last week!*dscn51290002

Asher and Avy are the oldest of 7 cousins,  and while we took a short “spring break” while in Virginia, there was not only lots of learning going on, but lots of teaching on their part as well.  This didn’t really occur to me until we were back home looking at pictures.


Chesapeake Bay



Virginia Living Museum





Virginia Air and Space Museum



Jamestown Settlement

Looking at these pictures, I am reminded of how easy it is for kids to fall into teacher rolls and how naturally they flow between being teachers and learners.  I am trying once again to sit back more, and let them be teachers to themselves and others.  And behold, they learn.


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