Other Uses for Halloween Candy by Asher & Avy

Science Experiments!

Put some M and M’s in cool water with the M facing up.  Watch them dissolve and make a rainbow of color in the water.


Eventually the M’s will come off.  They are made from titanium oxide mined in Florida.  They float because they are covered in wax.


You can make a pinball machine out of candy.


You can also dissolve Skittles for the color show and the “S” lifts off as well.

Here is Asher showing the Coriolis Effect.


A sculpture made out of Tootsie Rolls by Asher.  My mom, my sister, and a tree.

What We’ve Been up to Lately

Victorian Tea Party at the Art Museum


Lego Robotics


Report Writing


Art Making


Pumpkin Pie Baking


Piano Playing


Microscope Fun



And oh, so much more.  Our days are filled.    We are learning and growing and living, and all is well.


I just came upon this writing that never got posted back in March.


The whole Gardin clan spent a long weekend in Virginia back in March with Uncle Paul and Aunt Kim.  They graciously opened their home to 7 kids under 10 and all those kid’s parents.  We had a wonderful time together.  Soon after, Paul left for Iraq.

*Quick November Update:  Paul returned home from Iraq last week!*dscn51290002

Asher and Avy are the oldest of 7 cousins,  and while we took a short “spring break” while in Virginia, there was not only lots of learning going on, but lots of teaching on their part as well.  This didn’t really occur to me until we were back home looking at pictures.


Chesapeake Bay



Virginia Living Museum





Virginia Air and Space Museum



Jamestown Settlement

Looking at these pictures, I am reminded of how easy it is for kids to fall into teacher rolls and how naturally they flow between being teachers and learners.  I am trying once again to sit back more, and let them be teachers to themselves and others.  And behold, they learn.

A Certain Girl Turns 9


Avy turned 9 last week.



She wanted to make her own cake, although she had Asher decorate it.



It was a day filled with goodness.  Lots of game playing.  Daddy took a 1/2 day off work and joined us for lunch out and bowling.   A new guitar.  Colorful picks from Asher.



Now she and her Daddy can jam together.  They’ve already written a few songs.



By request, Cheesy Potato Soup in front of the fire for dinner.



And cake and ice cream in bed.  A good day.

Apple Picking by Asher


One day we went Robinett’s to pick some apples.  There were a lot of them on the trees and tons on the ground. We picked about 30 apples.

Some I picked and some my sister picked.  My mom just carried the bag.  Back home, we made applesauce and apple crisp.



As much as we loved to pick, this apple was a little too big.