Legoland by Asher


About three months ago I saw in my Lego magazine an ad for an indoor Legoland in Chicago and while we were in Chicago we got to go there.

This tiger was made out of Lego’s and this is just the beginning.



After you pay you walk into this room. It is called Miniland.  It is a Lego version of Chicago.

It was very detailed all the way down to the parking meters.


They even had the buses.

And trees, fire hydrants, and mailboxes too.


See how detailed it is.  Even people pulling a pumpkin because it was decorated for Halloween.




Ah. My favorite room, the Lego hall of fame.  It had Batman,


A little mummy,




Harry Potter


And Darth Vader.  Help!

When we got too the second floor, we were just in time to take a Lego Workshop.


And made,

Lego Footballs!!!


See? Told ya!

There are some people that are great Lego builder’s out there.  One made a Mona Lisa out of Lego’s.  Yes.  It is built out of Lego’s.


That was at the Lego cafe, which had good food.

Then we went on a Lego factory tour.  At the end, I got special Lego brick.  I even got one for my best friends.



There were 2 rides that we could go on.  One was the Dragon Ride and the other was this one, called The TechicCycle.  The fast you peddled, you faster you would go.  I had a great time at Legoland, and I hope that someday, you will too.  I certainly plan to go back!



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