Cousins Part II

In case you didn’t catch how beautiful each and every one of the cousins is:

DSCN6587Isn’t this one just plain gorgeous?  She and Avy have to email.  A lot.  And she cried to her mother the night before they flew home to California, “Mommy, why did you book our plane tickets for only 14 days instead of 80?!”  My thoughts exactly, girlfriend.

DSCN4857This one.  He looks sweet.  He is, but he’s also a bit mischievous.  But he makes us laugh so hard.  Especially when he says “lellow” for yellow.


Their youngest brother.  He loves to cuddle and he loves his mama.  What else is there?


The Texas cousins.  I’m just hoping they’ll pick up a Southern drawl.  This one could play Legos and Star Wars all day long.  In fact, I think he did, each and every day.  Asher couldn’t have been happier.


Don’t you love how this boy has one curl that falls over his eye?  He does that for the ladies.  We fall for it every time.

There’s Nothing Like Cousins

DSCN4963Our California and Texas cousins came for a nice long visit.  These kids love each other to pieces.  Can you tell?


Kids are not afraid to love on each other.


When my kids beg for another brother or sister, I tell them cousins are sometimes even better.


These boys like to call themselves the Gardin Boy Army.


These two like to say they are roses amongst many thorns.


And can I just say a word about these two?


Asher is hoping they can live together when they grow up.


Because they’re together all the time anyway.


A Weekend in the Country

DSCN6478Creating new trails on the farm with the golf cart


Running through sprinklers

DSCN6491Flying remote control airplanes

DSCN6493Which fly especially high when Daddy throws them

DSCN6510Putting up strawberry jam with Nana

DSCN6506Fixing the tractor with Papa and then mowing paths in the fields

Impromptu 2008-2009 School Pictures


Asher – 11 years old


Avy – 8 years old

Summer Guitar Lessons


Summer guitar lessons for Avy


In which they sometimes dress up as pirates.  Because that’s what guitar players do.