Aquatic Frogs, A Toad, and a Bearded Dragon, Oh My! by Asher

dscn535700011These are our aquatic frogs Tony and Tony.   They are the only pets we have.  We got them when Avy was 3 and she had to be like her big brother and name her’s Tony too.  They just float in the water.


This is my friend Ben’s Bearded Dragon, Freddie.  Over spring break we had the privilege of watching her for a few weeks.  She is very nice and I had a great time with her.  She eats crickets, 25 of them a day, lettuce and superworms.   I got to keep Freddie, the crickets, and superworms in my room.   Freddie loves to bask under the heat lamp.


Whenever we let her out, she would run over to my window.   When it was close to her bedtime, she would snuggle with me.


We also watched Avy’s friend Eliza’s pet toad, Arthur or Melissa.  They’re not sure if it’s a boy or girl.  The toad eats crickets as well.  We had crickets everywhere!  (Inside their cages, although we did have a few escapees!  Luckily we caught them!)  Every once in a while we would get a chirping cricket, which I enjoyed.  It helped put me to sleep at night.   Mom said this was a great time to study reptiles and amphibians, so that’s what we did.

It is very nice to have had a small zoo.


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