Writing Festival Fun by Avy

Today we got to spend the day at Calvin College for a Writing Festival.  There were two authors that we got to hear speak.    Jim Murphy and 3 time Caldecott winner David Wiesner.  To prepare for the seminar we had to write a story or a poem.  I wrote both.  We also read a lot of books from the library by the authors.


Last night, my friend Eliza, got to spend the night at our house, because she was taking the day off of school and coming to the Writing Festival with us.


It was surprising to me that we sat just a few rows away from my next door neighbor, Sarah.  Asher got to bring his friend Ben.  This is Asher and Ben with author Jim Murphy.  We’ve been listening to his book The Great Fire, the story of the Chicago Fire, on CD.  The book is very interesting.


This is David Wiesner.  He tells stories by drawing pictures.  He is a great author and illustrator.  This is a picture from his book Tuesday. We had an awesome time!


Aquatic Frogs, A Toad, and a Bearded Dragon, Oh My! by Asher

dscn535700011These are our aquatic frogs Tony and Tony.   They are the only pets we have.  We got them when Avy was 3 and she had to be like her big brother and name her’s Tony too.  They just float in the water.


This is my friend Ben’s Bearded Dragon, Freddie.  Over spring break we had the privilege of watching her for a few weeks.  She is very nice and I had a great time with her.  She eats crickets, 25 of them a day, lettuce and superworms.   I got to keep Freddie, the crickets, and superworms in my room.   Freddie loves to bask under the heat lamp.


Whenever we let her out, she would run over to my window.   When it was close to her bedtime, she would snuggle with me.


We also watched Avy’s friend Eliza’s pet toad, Arthur or Melissa.  They’re not sure if it’s a boy or girl.  The toad eats crickets as well.  We had crickets everywhere!  (Inside their cages, although we did have a few escapees!  Luckily we caught them!)  Every once in a while we would get a chirping cricket, which I enjoyed.  It helped put me to sleep at night.   Mom said this was a great time to study reptiles and amphibians, so that’s what we did.

It is very nice to have had a small zoo.


Today Grams, Asher and Avy’s great grandma, would have been 99.  She died a few weeks after she turned 98.


Boy, we sure miss you Grams!  All your life, you were a force to be reckoned with!  You were in your 90’s when you had great grandchildren.  Asher and Avy were so fortunate to have been able to spend so much time with you and really know you.  You were there for all the big things, like birthday’s and recitals, but you were also there for the small, everyday events.  You made sure you spent time with your great grand kids, even if it meant following them into play tents, or climbing up to the tree house, or going down the 300 ft. water slide first, to show them it wasn’t too scary.


You went camping with us.  You crocheted mittens and doll blankets and afghans.  You always had cookies and candy waiting for the kids.  You taught them how to play King’s Corner’s, just as you did 35 years ago to your grandchildren.


Grams, we have reminders of you all around us.  We have elephants that stand guard, quilts and afghans that we curl up in.  We play the same piano that you played, we use your tatted stationary for correspondence, we tend your iris’ in our garden.  We blow our noses in your hankies, wear your apron and make your famous “Man Catcher Pie Crust”.  We sleep on pillowcases that you edged with lace, and wear your rings from far-off distant lands.


Asher and Avy wanted to do something special today, so Avy wrote you a letter, and Asher got his Lego Grams he had made last year, and we buried them under one of your iris.


We talked about you and cried and sent kisses up to heaven.


Grams, you will always be a part of our lives.  We are so much better off for having known you and been loved by you.


Art Museum Adventures with Uncle Jeff by Avy

Uncle Jeff, who lives in Austin, Texas, called us out of the blue last week and asked us to meet him.  We met him at the art museum, one of my favorite places.  First, he bought us drinks and chocolate cake in the cafe.  He is an architect and was in town because he had a meeting.  He designed the new Grand Valley State Library.  He travels all over the world.


He told us a lot of interesting things about the art in the museum.  I took notes.


This mobile is by Alexander Calder.  In a book that we read about him, it said to blow on any of his mobiles to make them move.  It’s not touching, is it?




One of the paintings in the museum is done by Asher.  Not our Asher, but a different Asher.  Our Asher is more special.  Thanks for the great day, Uncle Jeff! 

Below is the picture of the library Uncle Jeff designed.

Grand Valley State University Library