Butterfly Gardens by Asher

The week before the butterfly’s opened at the gardens, we took a field trip there.  It was cool.  We got to see a lot of different butterflies.  There were a lot of butterflies, but not a lot of people.  I lost count of the number of  butterflies  after 100.  I got real close to this one, but then it flew away.


Where you see the butterflies is a huge tropical conservatory, so it was humid and hot.  Since it was about 20 degrees outside, and we had just gotten back from the Caribbean, it felt like we were back.  It will soon be warm and I can work at my nature center in the backyard.  I hope to attract a lot of butterflies this year.


One time I had a butterfly land on me.  It was cool.dscn4926

I had a great time.  We plan to go again next week to see if there are any new butterflies.dscn4915


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