Cheep, Cheep, Science by Avy

dscn48861This is our layered liquids that we did for science one day.  In the bottom of the cup is honey, then dish soap, colored blue water, oil, and rubbing alcohol colored orange.  They stay layered for a few days because of their different densities.  (That’s not a bruise on my forehead, but ashes from the Ash Wednesday service.)

dscn4889We wrote down our findings.  Water and oil are immiscible.  Water and dish soap are miscible and so is water and alcohol.

dscn4890I drew a bird on cardboard, cut it out, and covered it with shortening and birdseed.  We hung it in our yard to feed the birds.


We’re getting ready for the return of the birds by providing nesting materials such as yarn and twigs.  I cut up pieces of yarn a few inches long and put them in an onion bag, making some of the pieces stick out.  I hope to see lots of bird’s nests in the neighborhood and nearby parks with some of our yarn in them!


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  1. Pops
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 22:52:25

    I’m sure the birds will like the selection of yarn you’re providing for them. If I were a bird I’d use some for a nest.

    About solutions of different solubilities- It’s interesting to watch liquids interact with each other. What do you think would happen if you put an egg in that mixture? Or mercury?
    Or wood?

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