Have Passport, Will Travel

Ever since dusting off the passports to go to Mexico, the kids have been looking at the map, trying to determine where we should go next.   Taking advantage of this interest in geography, I put together some work with the help of Mrs. Waffenschimdt. The kids love playing the computer game “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” and this is a take on that.  The kids get printed clues and they have to figure out a famous person, place, or landmark, and the country it is in.


I made them some passports where they record that information, along with latitude and longitude.

dscn4972They typically use the modern day encyclopedia, aka the computer, to help with their research.

dscn4966After they have visited “Passport Control” and have their passport stamped, they record their findings on a world map.


They might have to get jobs, what with all the new places they want to go…


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