Get Your Dogs Ready, It’s the Iditarod! by Avy

dscn4843When our cousins were here, we started studying the Iditarod.  Asher and I each chose a musher to follow once the Iditarod starts.  We’ll keep track of their daily progress, noting their 27 checkpoint times.  I chose an 19 year old girl named Melissa Owens.   Asher chose a man named Ed, from McMillan, Michigan.

dscn4847We read about the Aurora Borealis and looked at pictures of it on the computer and then painted our own Northern Lights.

dscn4845We did an experiment with “body fat” (really vegetable shortening) to show how it insulates animals and why Eskimos and Alaskans find it so necessary.  I pretended that I was a baby penguin.

dscn4877My mom bought me this book and we decided to start an indoor tabletop garden, using a yam, turnip, potato, carrot, and parsnip.  The book is really awesome!  Start saving your egg containers to put your special treasures in.  You can also paint them with beautiful colors that make you feel like you’re in paradise.


This week we also did an experiment on Chemiluminescence using light sticks.


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