My Trip to the Caribbean By Asher


Since it is very cold in the winter, we decided to pack our bags and go to Cancun, Mexico.  We stayed at a very nice resort.  The new Grand Oasis Caribbean, which is  right on the Caribbean Sea.


It has 2 swim-up bars and 3 pools.


One day we took the bus to the Cancun Interactive Aquarium.  It was very cool.  We got to see dolphins, sharks, and lots of other sea life.


At our hotel there is something called the Oasis Runaway Program. It is if you stay at an Oasis Resort you can go to any one of the other Oasis resorts, but if you stay at a Grand Oasis Resort you can go to any of the Oasis and Grand Oasis resorts. So one day that’s what we did.  We took the bus to the Grand Oasis Cancun.


We swam in, or I should say survived the Caribbean.  The waves were huge.  I got knocked down a ton of  times.  But it was fun.  At Grand Oasis Cancun there was a huge swimming pool.


One day, we took a bus, then a taxi, and then a ferry, (and that all cost only $6) to an island off Cancun, called Isla Mujeres.  We had been practicing our Spanish a lot and when we were in line for the ferry, there was a McDonald’s and Avy and I really wanted french fries.  We asked our mom, and she said that if we wanted to use our Spanish and go order some, we could.  First we had to ask how much they were and then we had to go back to mom and get the pesos.


The main transportation on the island is golf carts and mopeds, because the island is only 1/2 mile wide by 4 miles long.  We rented a golf cart for an hour and drove all around the island.  My dad drove because you have to be 16 to drive, otherwise I would have driven it.  It was a very nice island.  I did not want to leave it.  The scenery was beautiful.


We bought homemade ice cream from a street vendor.  It was delicious!


Right before we came back to cold, snowy Michigan, I had to have one last drink at the bar.  It was 7-up.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cousin Sara
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 16:50:40

    Oh, I’m so envious of your trip! The water looks so beautiful, and you all look so happy. Next time you go you must Lucian and me!!

    Me gusta el helado, tambien.

  2. Cousin Sara
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 16:51:21

    That’s supposed to say “you must take Lucian and me.”

  3. erinatruba
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 16:51:45

    Hi! I’m the Community Manager of We’re building a website to highlight some of the most interesting places travelers around the world have discovered. We’ve read hundreds of blogs about Mexico, and we think that your entry is awesome! We’d love to highlight excerpts from blogs like yours (assuming it’s OK with you of course). I’m at
    Thanks! 🙂

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