Let’s Study Mexico! by Avy


Hola amigos!  We decided to take a “field trip” to Mexico!  So of course we had to study Mexico’s history, culture, geography, that kind of stuff.  We spent 2  weeks making, cooking, crafting, and studying.  I made cinnamon oranges, (slice oranges into little suns, sprinkle with cinnamon and powered sugar) a pinata for our fiesta, and painted pots in bright Mexican colors!



We worked on a HUGE Mexican flag.  Asher is an awesome artist, so he drew the eagle crest on the flag.  We did some Mexican Folk tin art.  We made a sun and a cactus.  We made a few papel picados every day to hang in our fiesta room, otherwise known as the dining room.  By the end of our study, they were hanging everywhere!



We sculpted magical Aztec Suns out of clay.


We also made homemade corn tortillas.  They were so yummy with cheese on them!

At the end of our study we had a big fiesta with our next door neighbors, Sarah and Johnathan.  We had Mexican food, broke open our pinata, and played Carmen San Diego






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