Art at the Gardens by Avy


We went to the grand opening of  Jonathan Borofsky’s new exhibit. I thought his speech was pretty interesting as a matter of fact.  He showed us some slides of his artwork, and told us that some of his sculptures were 100 feet tall!  My favorite sculpture was called “Walk To The Sky”.


When we went to the tropical conservatory later,  we were the only ones there. It was pretty cool and  there were almost no lights.  Asher and I kept jumping out and scaring each other and mom and dad.


Chilhuly made this grand, beautiful, breathtaking sight.  This glass chandelier is over 20 feet tall.  And I know the secrets of how he made it, because we watched a DVD about his art work.   My mom said that she loved his bright clothing.  He wore lime green pants and a turquoise shirtMy dad would never wear those clothes and I say that’s a shame! When it gets warmer out, my mom and I are going to make a glass sculpture for our garden, inspired by his sculptures.   I’ll be sure to post a picture of it when it’s done.

These are more of  Borofsky’s works of art.  They are called “Male/Female.”  They are the same, but they have beautiful, different colors.




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  1. POPS
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 13:42:55


    These are interesting views of something real.
    I’m glad you don’t look like that.
    I like you just the way I see you. Just the way you are.


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