Redbricksteian Spaceport By Asher

I love Lego’s.  I have been collecting them for 2 years now, and I have a lot of sets.  For the last 1 & 1/2 years, I have been collecting a Lego theme called Lego City.  It has a lot of sets that a real city would have, like a police headquarters and a harbor.  Around January 2008 I had enough sets to build a city.  I named it simply, Lego City.

It was on a nice 4ft. by 2ft. board.  It was not very big, but I liked it.  One day when I was over at my friend Ben’s house,  he showed me a Lego  movie he had made.  Then after that, he  showed me how to do it.   After I went home, I tried it.  After a few days of filming, I edited it, and entitled it, Lego City.  About a week later, I released another Lego movie, Lego City 2.

Around February, I decided to “Improve”  Lego City.  So I did.  After a week, this is what it looked like.

I kept it like this for a while, adding a few new items like a bowling ally and a fire station.  Then one day, a criminal escaped and blew up the city.

After that had happened, I built a much nicer city.


I called it the Red Brick City.   That summer, I decided to stop collecting Lego City and start collecting Lego Star Wars.One night I watched Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith. The next day I destroyed the Lego City police Headquarters and built this building.


It was the city destroyer with a laser zapper that could destroy a building in less then a second.  But then I got a Lego Star Wars set The Rebel Scout Speeder and it destroyed The City Destroyer.  After this one was destroyed, I built another City Destroyer.


Then this Christmas I got the Lego Star Wars X-Wing, General Grievous Starfighter And the Naboo N-1 Starfighter.

I destroyed Red Brick City and built another city, Redbriksten Spaceport, and this is how I hope to keep it.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Wesley
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 16:06:09

    i like the pictures, especially the City Destroyer.

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