Science Is Not My Favorite Subject, but… by Asher


Sometimes we make some pretty cool things, like this telegraph.


We also have to write some solutions to our problems.  But in the winter while we do science,  we get to drink  hot chocolate.  Mom says science is not her favorite subject either and we need chocolate for help.


Sometimes I get to teach science.  This is one experiment I made up.   It was about magnets sticking in hot water.  (They do.)  I liked it because I had it use legos.


Another time we made an electromagnet.  Yes, science is not my favorite subject, but it can be a lot of fun.

Living Life and Learning Days

Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

~Watch Documentary on MLJ

~Challenge kids to memorize “I Have a Dream Speech”.   Lots of fun websites to help them achieve this!

~In the spirit of teaching Asher and Avy that kids can be human rights activists too, they will write letters on behalf of Amnesty International Kid’s Program.

~ Attend January Series at Calvin College to hear Harold Dean Trulear speak in honor of MLK on “Beloved Community and Restorative Justice”

~ Ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle

Tuesday – Inauguration Day!

~ Start our day by reading 1 Timothy 2:2 which says, “Pray for rulers and all who have authority so that we can have quiet and peaceful lives full of worship and respect for God” and pray for Obama and all our leaders.

~Read Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope

~ Write emails to, where kids can express their hopes for a brighter future, which will then be compiled into a letter to send to Obama.

~ Visit the Gerald R. Ford Museum, which is free of charge today, and watch the inauguration in their theater and see the world-renowned exhibit “The White House in Miniature”.

~ Have our own inauguration gala!



A few happenings from this past week:





Redbricksteian Spaceport By Asher

I love Lego’s.  I have been collecting them for 2 years now, and I have a lot of sets.  For the last 1 & 1/2 years, I have been collecting a Lego theme called Lego City.  It has a lot of sets that a real city would have, like a police headquarters and a harbor.  Around January 2008 I had enough sets to build a city.  I named it simply, Lego City.

It was on a nice 4ft. by 2ft. board.  It was not very big, but I liked it.  One day when I was over at my friend Ben’s house,  he showed me a Lego  movie he had made.  Then after that, he  showed me how to do it.   After I went home, I tried it.  After a few days of filming, I edited it, and entitled it, Lego City.  About a week later, I released another Lego movie, Lego City 2.

Around February, I decided to “Improve”  Lego City.  So I did.  After a week, this is what it looked like.

I kept it like this for a while, adding a few new items like a bowling ally and a fire station.  Then one day, a criminal escaped and blew up the city.

After that had happened, I built a much nicer city.


I called it the Red Brick City.   That summer, I decided to stop collecting Lego City and start collecting Lego Star Wars.One night I watched Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith. The next day I destroyed the Lego City police Headquarters and built this building.


It was the city destroyer with a laser zapper that could destroy a building in less then a second.  But then I got a Lego Star Wars set The Rebel Scout Speeder and it destroyed The City Destroyer.  After this one was destroyed, I built another City Destroyer.


Then this Christmas I got the Lego Star Wars X-Wing, General Grievous Starfighter And the Naboo N-1 Starfighter.

I destroyed Red Brick City and built another city, Redbriksten Spaceport, and this is how I hope to keep it.

Rose Window Art by Avy


We decided that we needed more color in the house since the Christmas tree is gone.  So for art last week, we made Rose Window Art.  We drew designs on transparent paper and decoupaged with colorful streamers.



Here are our masterpieces floating in the windows brightening up a dreary, snowy day.

Christmas Fun Week

I guess I forgot to hit the “Publish” key a week ago!  Our Christmas Fun Week happened the week before our 2 week Christmas break.

Christmas Fun Week was filled with, well, fun.  We’ve done something different every day.


Science - Growing borax crystals

The art museum was one day with a scavenger hunt with a French theme that had us finding different works of art, sketching,and  jumping into the air in different poses.

The next day was the Gardens, where we learned about Christmas traditions from around the world.



The Public Museum had a Christmas Wurlitzer organ story time and a planetarium show about the winter skies and the Bethlehem Star.



We toured the Voight House, a Victorian Mansion, which was decorated for Christmas and learned about Christmas in Victorian times.



Friday was suppose to be the Nutcracker Ballet.  Alas, we got a foot of snow and it was cancelled, however much fun was had playing in said snow, and we now have a good 3 feet on the ground!

Interspersed with all these field trips has been much Christmas making, baking, and decorating.


We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and many wishes for a Happy New Year!