Pirates of the Carribian Online By AB Inc. (Asher & friend)

I am Ben. I am one of Asher’s friends. I found out about Pirates Online because I was watching TV on Nickelodeon, when I saw an advertisement about Pirates Online, It said that it was a free online game. I tried it. As soon as I got on and thought that it was very cool. I discovered Pirates Online right before Asher and I went on a vacation. Asher’s sister Avy got interested on Pirates Online, my two little brothers got interested in Pirates Online to. My Pirate guy is named Ben Burnbreaker. Asher’s Pirate guy is named Penny-Eye Pete.

As Ben was saying, He started pirates online and then he showed me. Then I got a pirate to. Pirates Online is cool cause my friend Ben and I can have play dates with our Pirates.   penny_eyeYou can also fight the British like battling Wimpy Cadets, Mad Guards,  Cutlass-swinging Sergeants, Tough Veterans, and Deadly Officers.

cadetAt the beginning of the game you get a cutlass. With your cutlass you can attack the British Redcoats, Skeletons and evil, nasty Rock Crabs!

Also, you can the Fight Jolly Rogers evil Skeleton Army!


You can buy the 9 different Ships, (Light Sloop, Light Gallion, Light Frigate, Sloop, Gallion, Frigate, War Sloop, War Gallion and War Frigate,) and sail them. With your ships you can sink British ,Skeleton and EITC, (East India Trading Company) Ships. The British ships are Navy Ferrets, (Light Sloop) Navy Bulwark, (Light Gallion) Navy Panthers, (Light Frigate) Navy Greyhounds (Sloop), Navy Mangurd (Gallion), (Frigate) Navy Kingfisher, (War Sloop) Navy Monarch (War Gallion) And Navy Man-O-War (War Frigate).

ooplunderThis ship is my Light Gallion The Storm-sail Rogue. With this ship and my high salling level, I can sink Navy, Skeleton and EITC ships. It is like any other Light Gallion. 2 canons on either side and a lot of space to walk around.


But be careful of your health! If your health goes all the way down, you get put in Jail! But don’t worry you can escape from Jail.


crabIf you are at Devils Anvil, watch out for Rock Crab Level 9. They can get you in jail! But try to get them with your pistol.


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  1. Adriane
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 14:21:50

    This game sounds awesome! It makes me want a REAL sloop of my own for adventures on the high sea!

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