Native American Life by Avy

We have been studying Native Americans this whole new year.

I’m a project girl and we have done a lot of projects!  I made a handmade book of Indian Picture writing.  We also wove mats, and made Indian Fry Bread, which we made a couple of times because it was AWESOME!  We sculpted pottery, made corn husk dolls, built Indian tepee villages, and lots more.  We kept doing more and more because I would find things in books and want to do them.



At Spring Hill this Fall one of our usual things to do their is go canoeing. It seems so strange that Indians made there canoes out of wood and bark!


I loved studying about Pocahontas.  Here in Virginia, at Historic Jamestown, I got to hold her hand!


At the Jamestown Settlement, they had a whole Indian Village.  I got to mash some corn, which was in front of every wigwam.  We have learned some unhappy things about how the people who have come to live in America treated the Indians, and this made me sad.  When I found out that King George wanted to save the land west of the Ohio River for the Indians, and the colonists didn’t, then I sort of wanted King George to keep ruling America.  There are good parts of America and bad parts of America.


Last week, we went to the Native American Homeschooling Day at the Public Museum.  We saw a Native American planetarium show, listened to the oral tradition of storytelling, made crafts, sampled food, and learned so much!  Next week we get to go see the play of Pocahontas!  She’s awesome!!!

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