Reading Lists

Per Avy’s request, we have updated the book lists that the kids recommend.  I’ll answer a few questions that we have gotten pertaining to the lists.  Yes, they read all those books during that time frame.  No, we don’t make them.  There is some “required” reading, but if the kids don’t like a book, they don’t have to finish it, and the book doesn’t end up on their list.  Some we read to them, some we listen to on CD driving around town and on trips.  Some they read on their own.  They read for 1/2 hour before lights out at night, but they also read a lot on their own during the day. 

Almost all the books are from the library (I’ve been known to use all 80 holds that we’re allowed with 4 library cards from 2 different library systems).  We love to spend an afternoon at the local bookstore, coffee and hot cocoa in hand, reading, and garnering lists of books to go home and order from the library.   Sometimes when we get home from the library after picking up our holds, it’s like Christmas morning around here, oohing and ahhing over all the pretty books!   

Asher and Avy’s book lists are pretty similar because of all the reading we do together. The books they read on their own, they usually like enough to pass on to each other.  However, you will notice that there are not any Star Wars books on Avy’s list, and you won’t find any Fashion Kitty books on Asher’s list.

We are a family who loves to read, and this bodes well for learning at home. You will often find all four of us in front of the fire, or on the beach, or just about anywhere you can lug a book to, reading to our heart’s content.  We love book suggestions, so if there are any out there, please send them our way!



        Sitting on the heat vent, a favorite reading spot during the cold months.


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