So.  When I was young, my sisters, my brother (ok, so truth be told, we forced him), my cousins, and friends, all loved, loved, loved, to play “Little House on the Prairie”.  Oh, we had the outfits, the bonnets, everything!  Oh, how we dreamed to live like that!

Ok, dreams’ over!

This week we were without heat.  And while I am so glad that it happened now instead of the middle of winter, it has been a pretty cold week.  And I am here to tell you that it is mighty hard to cook meals wearing mittens!

This is what school looked like this past week:



In p.j.’s, under the electric blanket, in their parent’s bedroom, the one room in the house that thankfully, has electric heat.  By the end of the week, I might have been just a little bit cranky from being cooped up in our one room schoolhouse and from being cold.  It has been rumored that the kids were heard mumbling something under their breath about going out to look for a new teacher, but they couldn’t get up the gumption to put on COLD clothes.


A big thanks to Gigi and Pops who had just been down last weekend to chop, split, and stack firewood with us, so were able to escape to a different room in the evenings!



Another big thanks to our dear friend Joe, for putting in a new furnace for us and to his family who gave up their husband/dad for 2 evenings!  I am happy to report that the kids are NOT taking applications for a new teacher, now that their mama has properly warmed up!  And to my 3 sweet siblings who all live in warm climates, this is fair warning that this sista might have to come for a visit before winter’s out!


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