A Sailors Life For Me by Asher

Ever since I can remember, I have liked ships & the sea. A few months ago, my friend Ben found a Pirates Of the Caribbean Online Game that you can create a Pirate and have him fight the British Navy guys.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the movie and my mom said well at least it takes place in the same period of time we’re studying.  The colonies, in their fight for independence let pirates and privateers capture British war ships and keep the bounty!

Then this war sloop showed up on my doorstep from my Uncle Jon.  Eight sails, but no steering wheel.  Being a war sloop, I think it should have some cannons.  I’ll do some modifications and then I’ll be sinking those British war ships left and right!

In our research for our Virginia trip, we found out that there were 3 ships The Godspeed, The Susan Constant, and the Discovery, that we could go on in Jamestown.  And those had cannons on them!

On our last day in Virginia, my mom and dad said they had a surprise for us.  They wouldn’t give us any good hints.  We went down to the docks and I pointed out a nice sailboat and my dad pressed record on the video camera and asked, “Do you like that sailboat over there?”  “Yes”  “Well, that’s our surprise, we’re going for a 2 hour sail on the Elizabeth River!”  This sailboat did not have any cannons on it.  My parents said that’s a good thing.

We even got to help hoist the sails!


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  1. Adriane
    Oct 29, 2008 @ 12:41:31

    Wow, Asher! Not only do you have cool piratey interests, but you’re a fantastic writer! I really liked this post! Your comment about not getting “any good hints” was funny, heehee.

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