Autumn by Avy

 For me Fall is… 

     Apple picking…


Running in corn field mazes… 


Making applesause and applecrisp…


 Sketching Fall colors…


 Bonfires and smores at Nana and Papas. 


            A  Fall Poem

               by Avy

Picking apples and running through cornfields,

Fall is a bright color,

Applesause making and applecrisp baking,

Fall is a bright color,

And with the Fall smell,

We’ll always treasure it.

           THE END.

A Sailors Life For Me by Asher

Ever since I can remember, I have liked ships & the sea. A few months ago, my friend Ben found a Pirates Of the Caribbean Online Game that you can create a Pirate and have him fight the British Navy guys.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the movie and my mom said well at least it takes place in the same period of time we’re studying.  The colonies, in their fight for independence let pirates and privateers capture British war ships and keep the bounty!

Then this war sloop showed up on my doorstep from my Uncle Jon.  Eight sails, but no steering wheel.  Being a war sloop, I think it should have some cannons.  I’ll do some modifications and then I’ll be sinking those British war ships left and right!

In our research for our Virginia trip, we found out that there were 3 ships The Godspeed, The Susan Constant, and the Discovery, that we could go on in Jamestown.  And those had cannons on them!

On our last day in Virginia, my mom and dad said they had a surprise for us.  They wouldn’t give us any good hints.  We went down to the docks and I pointed out a nice sailboat and my dad pressed record on the video camera and asked, “Do you like that sailboat over there?”  “Yes”  “Well, that’s our surprise, we’re going for a 2 hour sail on the Elizabeth River!”  This sailboat did not have any cannons on it.  My parents said that’s a good thing.

We even got to help hoist the sails!

10 is not quite 25


By the time Asher was 1 year old, he had started driving with his grandpa on a big blue Ford tractor.  When he was 3, Asher named the tractor Tommy White, for the white writing.  When he was 4, he gave Tommy White a birthday party, complete with presents and had us all singing happy birthday.


What we’ll do for our kids never ceases to amaze me!  Did I really sing to a tractor?


When he was 5, he started asking when he would be old enough to drive the tractor alone. 


Um, alone?  Not until you’re 25, thank you very much!  But then his grandpa says, “I was driving a tractor as soon as my feet could reach the pedals, around 8 or 9, but that was a smaller tractor…”


Asher remembered that.  And this summer, gulp, his feet reached the pedals.  And after his daddy had taught him, and his mama’s heartrate had gone down, he took me for a ride around the farm.



This last weekend, he asked his grandpa for a job using the tractor.  And while the land is no longer farmed, there was a big pile of dirt that needed smoothing out.  For 6 hours that Saturday, Asher worked the same land that his grandpa, his great-grandpa, and his great-great-grandpa worked.  Back and forth, going at it from all angles. 



All of those grandpa’s would have been mighty proud.  His mama was too, even though 10 is not quite 25.

So how often does this happen?

You learn about a period in history.  Read books, make maps, build models, read more books, listen to music, study artists, read more books, etc. etc. and then…you get to go there, step back in time, and people are dressed and working as they would have been, and you get to live it.

The kids are fighting each other for the computer, each wanting to tell their stories from the road.  I’ll turn it over to them.

Avy and Archaeology by Avy

A few weeks ago we were in Virgina visiting our aunt and uncle.  Seeing them was not the only reason we went there. We also went there to see Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.  At Jamestown there was an archaeological dig. That’s where I became really interested in archaeology.

In this picture I’m watching the archaeologists digging.  As you can see they have been digging for a long time.

They found a lot of things and we were able to see almost everything they found. They found pipes, nails, animal bones, pottery, and bricks. These things were in the ground for over 400 years! We stayed longer at the dig but my brother and dad went on because I guess he wasn’t as interested as I was!

In this next picture we’re at home and I’m reading an archaeology book that I bought at the visitor’s center in Virgina.  You can probably guess what I want to be when I grow up! If you can’t guess I want to be an archaeologist!  And a dance teacher, an artist, a writer, a waitress, and a person who sews a lot.

This is me and my brother pretending to be archaeologists uncovering old coins that my mom had.  One of the coins was made in 1658! I couldn’t believe that the coin was made in the same time period we were studying!

Archaeologists have to be very careful brushing their artifacts because anything in the ground for over 100 years is very fragile. The sand is moon sand that’s because we couldn’t get real sand into our house because my mom says she has something called limits.  In my archaeology book I learned a lot!



P.S. I hope to write again soon!


Homeschooling…wow! What an adventure!

The kids have had a great education at a Montessori school and we are trying to emulate their philosophy of engaging Asher & Avy’s passion for being self-directed, life-long learners. We hope to expose them to a vast array of experiences, people, places and ideas, both near and far from home. And hopefully they’ll still love us in the end!

This blog will mainly be written by the kids. They say they have some stories to tell. One of our favorite ways to learn is to find something that the kids are interested in and just set them free to explore it.

Some of you have asked what a typical day looks like, and while every day is quite different…

it always involves lots of this:

being outside and exploring our world as much as possible

Lots of building and making and writing

Someone at the art table

Lots of togetherness

and bus riding, and traveling, and visiting museums, and lego city planning, and dancing, and piano playing, and oh yes, a good math, science, and spanish curriculum!